Suggestions Page

                              Good  Books by Gordon Korman:


                                                KIDS BOOKS,MUSIC, AND MOVIES


                                                             Son Of The Mob                                                             

                                                             On The Run Book One: Chasing The Falconers 

                                                             On The Run  Book Two: The Fugitive Factor

                                                             On The Run Book Three:Now You See Them, Now You Don't

                                                             On The Run  Book Four :The Stowaway Solution

                                                              On The Run  Book Five:Public Enemies       

                                                             On The Run    Book Six:Hunting The Hunter

                                                              Everest  Book One: The Contest

                                                              Everest  Book  Two:The Climb

                                                              Everest  Book Three: The Summit

                            Title                                                              Author


                      The Face On THe Milk Carton                             Caroline Cooney

                       The Voice On The Radio                                   Caroline Cooney

                       Shiloh                                                               Phyllis Reynolds Naylor



                         AUTHOR                                                                                     TITLE

                     Lee Goldberg                                                                                  Monk