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                         My name is Lindsay.   I published SPORTS AND GAMES FUN. I'm 11 years old and live in Pennsylvania. I know how you're always trying to convince your parents that your life is as hectic and stressful as theirs. I know you have millions of reasons why you need an iPod or why you need a swimming pool or a cell phone. This is the place where you go to express those feelings. I picked those in particular because those are the few I'm currently nagging my mom about. I'm not an efficient person so don't be discouraged if I don't get back to you right away.  If for some reason my system doesn'ty forward me the email, just redo it and I'll make sure I get back to you. don't get back to you right away.   I have to admit sports are 40% of my life. I play softball and basketball.  My family has  passed season tickets to the Pittsburgh Penguins And Steelers from generation to generation since way before I was born. I'm not addicted to my Nintendo DS or TV but I do think I play with them too much. But don't get me wrong, I love a good book or puzzle. I love the author Gordon Korman. You can find some good ideas for books to read on my Suggestions page. I'm also a writer. My mom and dad were actors and my great aunt and and grandma write songs and stories. too.  My writings are posted on my Writings Page.  I have a tribute to special people who have passed away on my Memory Page.