Puzzles Fun


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                         Fill in the blanks then put the letters from the blanks into the bigger riddle for the answer. If you get an 80% ( 8/10) or higher, e-mail it to the address provided above. Have Fun!


                        1( If you try to domesticate a  _EAR, you will probably get bitten.

                        2( An _CTAGON has 8 sides.

                        3(  A locomotive is another name for a _RAIN

                        4(   Teachers get mad if you do not LIS_EN in class.

                        5(    It is irresponsible to let your kids play with matches or a _IGHTER

                        6(    Some parentts will not let their kids on the computer _VERYDAY

                        7(    Some people have an ADDI_TION to gambling

                        8(    If you are a witness in a court of law, you must give an _FFIDAVIT

                        9(    It is extremely difficult to get a book _UBLISHED

                       10(   Many people scrunch up their faces if they taste something _OUR


                                    WHAT'S JAR'S FAVORITE CANDY?

                                    _ _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _  (2 WORDS)





                                            WHAT KIND OF PERSON ARE YOU?  tAKE THE PERSONALITY QUIZ TO FIND OUT 


                                    1)   SOMEONE FALL DOWN STEPS. YOU DO WHAT:

                                               A. laugh    

                                               B. see if they're okay                                                    
                                               C. see if they're okay and then laugh 


                                      2)   YOU'RE HAVING A BAD HAIR DAY. YOU DO WHAT:

                                                A. freak out and bring in a special teams unit
                                                B.  calmly stuff it all under a baseball cap

                                                C.  pull the sides back and put it under a neon pink visor


                                    3)  YOU SEE A LITTLE GIRL BEING TAKEN AWAY VIOLENTLY. YOU DO WHAT:


                                                A. figure it's none of your business and ignore them

                                                B.  tell your parents what'sn going on

                                                C.  run over and say something to the guy


                                    4)         PARENTS ARE:


                                               A . burdens    

                                               B.   helpful
                                               C.  just relatives


                                   5)  IF YOU COULD SPEND ONE DAY WITH ONE PERSON IT WOULD BE:


                                               A. Ben Roethlisberger
                                               B.  Hannah Montana

                                               C.  George Clooney


                                        6)   YOU FIND OUT YOUR BEST FRIEND'S BOYFRIEND IS DATING SOMEONE ELSE. 
                                              YOU DO WHAT:


                                                A. stay out of other people's business   
                                                B. tell your best friend but try to match her up with someone else

                                                C.  confront the boy yourself and give him a piece of you're mind


                                           7)   YOU WITNESS A MINOR THEFT BUT SEE THE BANDITS DROP $1,000. YOU DO


                                                      A. report the theft and return the money

                                                      B. grab the money after they leave and hide it from your parents

                                                      C. forget it ever happened and move the money closer so someone else
                                                          will see it


                                           8)       YOU HAVE A HUGE SCHOOL PROJECT DUE. YOU DO WHAT:


                                                         A. get it done as soon as possible
                                                         B.  wait till the last second
                                                         C. spread out the work over a period of time


                                            9)        THAT SAME PROJECT IS BEING TYPED ON A COMPUTER WHEN 
                                                       SUDDENLY THE COMPUTER BATTERY DIES. YOU DO WHAT:


                                                             A. have a fit and punch the computer
                                                             B. try to fix the computer yourself but end up breaking it more
                                                             C.  give up altogether


                                                10)        YOUR MOM ORDERS A BOOK SHELF AND ASKS YOU TO PUT IT 
                                                             TOGETHER. WHEN IT'S HARDER THAN YOU THOUGHT, YOU:


                                                                    A. throw it all in a heap and give up
                                                                    B. email the carpentry company your complaint

                                                                    C. ask your dad for help





                                         FACT OR FICTION? HOW MUCH DO YOU REALLY KNOW ABOUT WHAT IS RUMOR AND WHAT IS TRUTH? FIND OUT!  ( careful, all of them seem simple)


                 1.  blood is red

                 2. george washington was the first president

                 3. acne(pimples and zits) is a medical condition

                 4. not every word is actually in a dictionary 

                 5. only one goal in hockey has ever been scored by the team that's going to get a penalty on a delayed penalty

                 6. it's illegal to be buried on a private property( you have to be in a cemetery)

                 7. tight-rope walkers don't have to use a net

                 8. if you lived